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Stick Ninja Survival

Stick Ninja Survival is a thrilling rogue-like arcade game featuring 2D stickman characters and monstrous foes. The game unfolds in a world shrouded in terror as the Red Sun rises, casting an eerie glow from the Red Moon. Panic ensues as people scramble to escape the clutches of voracious monsters.

As a player in Stick Ninja Survival, your primary task is to evade enemies and their relentless barrage of bullets. With adversaries attacking automatically, quick reflexes and strategic maneuvering are essential to survive the chaotic mayhem unleashed during the Red Moon.

Throughout your journey, you'll collect valuable gem resources that can be utilized to enhance your character's abilities. Invest these resources wisely to upgrade your character, skills, and talents, empowering yourself to face increasingly formidable challenges.

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Enter the realm of Stick Ninja Survival for an exciting gaming experience that captures the essence of fun Stickman games played at school. Enjoy the adrenaline-pumping action and strategic gameplay as you navigate through a world engulfed in chaos, showcasing your skills in epic stickman battles.


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