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Pixel Battle Upward

Welcome to an exhilarating adventure in Pixel Battle Upward! In this fast-paced game, your objective is to avoid the deadly lava while strategically pushing your enemy into it. Grab a friend and get ready for a thrilling challenge where the stakes are high - whoever falls into the lava loses! Dodge your opponent skillfully, either by outmaneuvering them or by cleverly pushing them towards their demise.

Keep your eyes on the sky as rockets rain down unexpectedly, posing a lethal threat to both players. The element of surprise adds an exciting twist to the gameplay, requiring quick reflexes and strategic thinking to emerge victorious. Remember, the player who succumbs to the lava or falls prey to the rockets the most will face defeat. Test your skills against a friend and strive to outsmart them in this intense battle of wits and agility.

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