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Ninja Evade

Embark on an exhilarating journey through the bustling city streets alongside a fearless ninja in 'Ninja Evade.' Join Sarogi, the Brave Ninja, whose exploration leads him to the forbidden city where no ninja is allowed. Your mission as the player is to guide Ninja Sarogi in evading capture and escaping this treacherous place.

As you navigate through the urban landscape, beware of the challenges that lie ahead. Dodge surveillance drones while crossing railways and rivers to ensure Sarogi's safe passage out of the city. If you enjoy adventure, RPG, platformer games, or simply seek an entertaining experience, 'Ninja Evade' is the perfect choice for you.

Featuring high-quality graphics and a compact game size, 'Ninja Evade' offers a seamless gaming experience. The intuitive controls make gameplay easy to grasp, while engaging quests keep you immersed in the ninja's thrilling escapade. For more exciting gaming experiences, check out Madness Driver Vertigo City and Ninja Jump Xtreme.

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