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Embark on a thrilling island adventure with Misland Online! In this placement and management game, you are tasked with transforming a deserted island into a bustling paradise. Starting with the humble task of picking apples with bear hands, you will gradually upgrade your skills and tools as you unlock the island's full potential.

Explore the vast landscape of Misland, teeming with valuable resources waiting to be discovered and utilized. By trading these resources with passing ships, you can amass wealth and expand your island empire. The more resources you gather, the closer you are to assembling a team of skilled assistants to aid you in various tasks such as apple harvesting, tree felling, and quarrying.

But beware! As your island grows in prosperity, it attracts the attention of marauding monsters intent on stealing your hard-earned resources. Arm yourself with a sword and fend off these invaders to safeguard your island sanctuary and maintain your progress towards prosperity and success. Are you prepared to witness the miraculous transformation of Misland?

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